It is both encouraging and ironic that there is an increase of female presence on the Net/Web due to an expanded socializing ability. A stereotype carried over into cyberspace? And socializing is not communicating. To communicate is to impart information; to socialize is the attempt to nurture friendship. The internet was born in order to share important "data and computing power." People will socialize naturally; communication must be forced in many cases in order to achieve more.
   And when it is forced, there is usually an imbalance that must be logically confronted and corrected, mere socializing and empty talk is meaningless. For myself, having written on several subjects- the arts, education, pop culture, politics and
Goddess spirituality- not only empowered me but also contributed to the WWW in defining what it means to be "Cyber Chic" and worthy of my International Who's Who of Intellectuals and International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement Awards. I just did it and will continue, the future is now and it is necessary to continue. By not exercising my freedoms as an American citizen, how will I know if I must force these rights to be recognized?
   To want, to pursue, to compete, to challenge, to change, to obtain are natural actions, but to live off of the sacrifice and success of another is criminal- more realize that. Instead of seeing every "new" invention and opportunity as a means to socialize, more women should truly network and eliminate corruption, regression and ignorance , we have more at our disposal and are capable of ripping through the hype and hypocrisy. Let's stop being a part of it!
   Time to reap the Harvest or Reflect, the
Autumnal Equinox is near and now She takes us deeper...

Gabrielle Lin
10 September 2000

POSTNOTE: From July 2000,
La Femme Nikita returns with new episodes to USA Networks!
Production on the new episodes will begin in September and will
begin airing in early 2001.- From USA News Release, 8-29-00.