There is an art to surviving in the 21st Century : "Just Do It." Empty talk is meaningless, action born from empty talk is useless and there is far too much of both: there are too many who have allowed themselves to be used by others who are the masterminds behind such rubbish. Yet recognizing, sifting through and eliminating it is a survival tactic one who is a true intelligent and responsible person can accomplish. Since I began my Internet site 2 years ago, September 1998, I have contributed to more Beauty, Sacrifice, Sincerity and Love; I have also confronted more Hideousness, Greed, Hypocrisy and Hate. It seems that there is more corruption here than any other state in America, sadly. (November 28, 1999 Tapestry). But that can be confronted and corrected because this is America.
   In these past 2 years, more people have become more wise and versed in many areas in society and more demand accountability from those holding accountable positions. With good and balanced communication, positive change happen; if people talk, attempt to correct past wrongs through logical action and follow through with these actions, even if that means eliminating the "hype/ego" ingredient, then we can progress .(January 19, 2000
   Computers and The Internet have provided the world with additional assistance and awareness in humankind's evolution. In a study released in May of this year by the Washington based
Pew Research Center, "more than 9 million women went online for the first time in the last 6 months." And according to the internet market research firms Media Metrix and Jupiter Communications, "teenage girls flocked online in greater numbers than any other group in the United States, creating a female majority in cyberspace for the first time." EXCELLENT!!! However, although chat rooms, e-mail, shopping and entertainment are cited as cause for the increase, more females must also use the Net in more intellectual/academic/professional ways, I have learned that combining the Net with my career activities expands, enhances and elevates my status and comprehension.
   Socializing has entered cyberspace; cyberspace entered society over 30 years ago: After the Soviet Union "launched Sputnik in 1957, the Defense Department's Advance Research Projects Agency formed in order for United States scientists to compete with their Cold War adversaries… In 1969, a team of UCLA grad students, many of whom would become future internet leaders, collaborated and were the first to test drive the new technology…" And, without fanfare, the Internet was born.-AP reports, August 1999.