Which is why when I learned of the federal program, the School-to- Work Opportunities Act, I felt it my duty as a responsible Lecturer, Writer and Educator to voice my learned opinion on this topic.
With the cause being that not all  students want or need to go to college, therefore the federal government created this in order to provide those types of students with career options, I find appalling. I would never applaud an Act such as this because that would go against my standards as a woman, professional and educator. To accommodate the discouraged feelings a teenager may harbor about continuing her academic education contradicts the very empowerment school/education nurtures: it inspires us to go on. I would be less of an Educator if I were to feel the least bit sympathetic to a student who has lost interest in attending school, learning more and distinguishing herself as an intelligent woman. I could never operate against my  Dharma,(November9,1998 and November 16,1998
Tapestry), nor be dishonest with those in the youth of their lives, I have a responsibility to properly educate, inform and set an example for.
     I would think that employers would prefer intelligent college educated employees, in that the business would appear more current and caring for its workforce because upon entering the workforce, an uneducated and unqualified person cannot be properly promoted nor receive her rightful place in society-yet those who are college educated can.
  Hiring limited educated persons, approving of the such is a stigma on the American workforce landscape and I feel to perpetuate this Act is a slap in the face to our country due to the fact that this country was born out of blood, sweat and tears- for  Freedom.
     There is too much to learn, too much to do, too much to achieve- the Millenia is here.

Gabrielle Lin
1 August 1999

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