Which is why I am disgusted over many of my sisters willingness and acceptance of degrading, disrespectful and uncomplimentary comments and actions aimed towards them; they claim superiority and strength on the one hand yet are weak and ignorant on the other-any time a woman takes insult- in any form,from whichever sex-she is permits herself to be lowered and restricted.

If she desires herself to be powerful, she must reach into The Core and banish all fear, negativity and evil from herself in order to ascend higher, the Great Goddess has taught us the method for millennia.Going deeper, remembering and releasing thus maturing is what our Goddess worshiping ancestors practiced; through the chasm of Time, their culture/spirituality has reached us, as we live in ultra-modern America, we can form the next millennia into one of intelligence, diversity and beauty, the time is now.

In the Age of Information and Technology, we have no excuse to hold onto old and tired beliefs and methods; those who are seem to be in need of psychological help because they attempt to transplant their backward beliefs into ultra-modern society. Everything has changed, is changing, will always change, thank The Great Goddess.

We are at the point in Time where we thank Her for blessing us with these gifts of Intelligence, Beauty and Love, Samhain is a time of remembrance,elimination of the evil or negativity within and without, planning, preparation and celebration. In Intelligence, Discipline, Honour and Grace can She be properly perceived and worshipped. Begin with Self and then will you begin to understand.

Gabrielle Lin
30October 1999

REMINDER: Camille Paglia will lecture at the Hirshhorn on November 10,1999 in conjuction with the
Regarding Beauty exhibit. "The Romance of Beauty" will be another Amazonian experience not to be missed.