Sleek. Techno-chic. Animal. One of the best television series ever to be aired was USA's original series, La Femme Nikita. A fan since its beginning in January 1997, I was surprised to learn of its cancellation. Sunday nights were always a time for exploration into the "Savage Garden" for me, and LFN implanted a cyber elegance into my Nocturnal Sabbath Communions.
   Based on the 1990 Luc Besson French film of the same name, (America had its remake,
Point of No Return), La Femme Nikita captured the international intrigue style that many European films are known for. A child of the mean streets, framed and sentenced to imprisonment, Section One, a covert anti-terrorist organization, recruits Nikita who becomes one of their top operatives. Through mastering her intelligence and field training, her status escalates into the realm of fierce secret agent-with a sympathetic soul.
LFN transported the viewer to the dangerous yet seductive worlds of wealthy power hungry moguls and politicians, insane assassins, smooth operators and everyday people. With cerebral magnetism, excellent and believable use of millennium technology and philosophy , emotionless and abbreviated interaction and beautiful people dressed in ultra haute-couture, LFN fans were given a needed alternative to the smorgasbord of asinine and unrealistic television sit-coms, dramas and romances. LFN was intelligent, appealed to the smart international audience, (LFN is seen in Australia, many European , South American and Asian countries), gorgeously presented, (Peta Wilson has graced In Style, Details and Gear magazines to name a few, was spokesperson for Bali's fitness gyms, starred in the movie, Mercy, 2000 and in The Sadness of Sex, 2001 and appears at several fashion shows), and well-acted.
LFN is a work of fiction, "the believable" and "in practice" element must be delivered in a convincing manner in order to successfully attract and maintain a core of intelligent and sophisticated viewers. In a time of " Millennium" saturation, "Woman Power" acceptance, "Global Interconnection" achieved and a new set of "Survival of the Fittest" rules stored on disk, seeing a physically beautiful and intellectually evolved female portrayed in a serious television series offered an empowering gesture to females of all ages.