Conservative is opposite to Liberal, that I can deal with; yet a person who has boldly demonstrated sympathy towards any group or cause that created or promotes institutions of hate, misogyny and bigotry is intolerable and I believe, as an American citizen, no one should allow even the slightest semblance of hate propagation to take root. I was thrilled to see the outpouring of opposition to the new administration during the inauguration on 1-20-01 with the protesters and "shadow inauguration" led by the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Ashcroft nomination press many publications, newspapers and websites have and are keeping the public informed on.
   As Americans, we are protected and ensured by the Constitution and laws that had begun to spread globally,  jolted by the efforts of concerned individuals and legitimate organizations that produced logical and favorable outcomes. We had made monumental progress, many throughout the world had begun to co operated and our influence was supported by an ultra intelligent and savvy Clinton administration - Democracy is its purest form. Now, with a Republican dominant atmosphere and an increasing regressive slant, many Third World countries will believe that without the United States support, their backward traditions and dogmas will continue and many war and human rights  criminals will go unpunished. We must continue to assist developing pro-democratic Third World countries, flex our super-power muscle in the West and compromise with the multicultural/many faceted/ all-inclusive world of the 21st Century in order to continue  progressing !

Gabrielle Lin