Work of the past and present are about to converge in order to create the future she wants.  Now, moving at white-hot speed, she knows that nothing can prevent her purpose from-BECOMING.
There was a time when "The Establishment" could dictate to their "people" how to act or react on certain matters, which, in turn, influenced the outcome and interfered with another's future; this type of behavior developed into standard and expected-but Time passed and Blessed Change happened. Injustices of the past will not be tolerated nor repeated today-2000C.E.- nor will injustices go unchallenged; the Age of Information and Technology has taught us, "To Know is To Evolve".
   Being a native of and living in "The Heart of Dixie"-Alabama- I know that all forms of injustice, however disguised they may be, are out there; however, I am also a Nationally and Internationally awarded African-American Woman in the Arts and realize that my Ancestors were forced to sacrifice too much, I have been forced to observe the Effect-Slavery in the American South-of the Cause-Ego, Greed and Lust-and have honored myself  by not accepting Injustice and Regression.
Our Blood, Sweat and Tears have nurtured this Time and now, the time has come… Injustice will not fade into oblivion-I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!!!
   Passion is exquisite; when she works in Passion, NOTHING DISTRACTS NOR DISSUADES THE URBAN WARRIOR. Nothing can-I listen to myself and my Goddess. I have been given all that I have from my Goddess and I will not allow anyone or anything to invalidate my positive contributions to the global world, my career and MY LIFE. Life is not to be treated as a fictional TV drama; Life is Progression and Opportunity and  Love.
   If non-believers would step back, without regressive preferences, and observe, they would realize that "The Establishment", (the one born out of Hate), has no power anymore and  their stale and outdated methods of "handling" problems they created are as pathetic and illegal as Civil Rights are probing and insurmountable.