Meet Sparkle StarPortia BryantText Box: Young people and the world today! I can’t even begin to say! From the rappers to the songs why don't they just leave us young people minds alone. They dog us women in the songs they sing but we sing them anyway not even caring or knowing what they mean. All these teen’s who walk around with big belly's for nine months should be ashamed they’d whoop there own butts. All the Aids and STD is not what these young people really need. The next 
generation should try harder to be 
better is what 
Text Box: Sometimes we experience things that causes us to hurt inside. Although you remain calm you feel as if you’ve lost  your pride. Boys and love ones let you down. But don’t let your heart hit the ground. You’ll always have that special friend. Who you know will be there  until the end . Always kepp these words of love in mind. They come from a friend who is one of a kind. It hurts me to see you hurt even though he tried to treat you like dirt.Just wait and see you never know who Mr. right may be.