Alone, I found esoteric worlds; in silence, I heard the ancient Voice.  And from microscopic observation, I know that it is Truth.

     Why would anyone living in the West desire to live a Solitary life?  Why, with all that is available outside of her sanctuary would a young,intelligent and cosmopolitan woman not concern herself with participating in extracarricular activities and frivilous follies? Why would one choose to remain loyal to her chosen career, while aware of the fact that Western women have the freedom backed by federal rights to participate and excell in all areas of life and society without being stigmatized by an outdated system of tenants nor compromise their position as "being a woman"?  Because it is her choice and she has learned that in order to truly excell and maintain respect, one must devote herself to her career.
     And no, a woman cannot "have it all" without losing something. And many have lost much holding onto the psuedo-fact that, "I can have it all."  Why would a successful woman want to "have it all"? If she is fulfilling her desires without slipping into jealousy for another's possessions, how can she feel empty and need more?
     We have fought to regain this advantage for centuries-Patriarchy stole, but also gave- once we worshipped and acted without attracting suspicion or inciting fear, humankind accepted and civilizations after centuries of living in the shadows, oppression and listening to the bloody lies of ignorant and greedy hypocrites, we have reemerged, the sacrifice of our ancestors fertilized the subtle plane-Antarloka-and we are reborn...stronger, this time...
     Which is why I am troubled over watching those of similar sentiments regress into that which enslaved them to begin with: Patriarchy. When women and men attach themselves to the Ancient Ways, they must realize that there is no room for insincerity-their devotion to Her was born out of #1 Being rejected by those with whom they tried to associate #2 Failing to accomplish their desires #3 Being "thrown out" of someone's life or #4 Not being able to control their personal life.  Crawling to Her with either of those backgrounds discredits Her legitimacy as The Eternal One- unstable outcasts speak with fury, not love.
      When a woman has fulfiled her professional desires, gained respect from equals and superiors, observed her personal and professional environments, retreated into herself and senses that more is needed,
then she decides to act...The Goddess is most pleased.  Running to Her in times of insecurity or fear when she has launched no battle to correct or improve the problem speaks not for the woman's trust in the Goddess' powers but for the woman's inability to cope with and rectify a matter.  Failing to acheive all that she is capable of because she has become angry at another because she can neither defeat, influence nor merge into a
set system should inspire her to honestly reflect on her life, accept, purge her faults, and  evolve...

     The beauty of The Goddess cannot be completely loved and appreciated if Her worshipper's sentiments are of questionable origin.  Our ancestors intimately knew of the omnipotent and glorious powers She posesses and offers; many of their descendants(?) can never because their love and loyalty are rooted in fraudulence.

Gabrielle Lin
12 October 1998

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