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All Star Sponsor 2006


February 12, 2006

 Potential Sponsor:


 Sparkle Theatre Productions, Inc. submits this sponsorship package to request support of our Arts and Computer Literacy Programs. The Sparkle Theatre Production after school Computer Literacy and Dance Program is designed to support children K-12, and young adults, offering a positive imaging program. Our program utilizes computers, dance and theatre to enhance the studentsí self-esteem, build confidence, educate and prepare them for a more productive future. Funds requested will be used to help cover the cost for 25 students to go on a fun fill academic and cultural tour to Orlando and Tampa Bay FL. The most rewarding thing about this trip is that these youth have being selected once again to perform on stage at Disney World & for the first time, Sea World.

The mission of Sparkle Theatre Production Co. is to be, first, a community base, positive imaging program where we can offer youth a diverse and unique educational enhancement experience combining the performing arts, cultural arts and computer literacy components as doorways to the student's creative attributes. In this program, we use the stage and the screen (computer screen) to teach history and values, while occupying the studentsí time with positive activities. 'Poor direction' is running rampant in our communities and we feel that it is important for our children to have a constructive place to come. This keeps them off the street and away from other negative influences. If given the opportunity you have students that exceed expectations, because someone cares and places a positive value on what they can accomplish and take pride in.

The goal of Sparkle is to assist students in developing skills needed to become, self reliant, independent thinkers, problem solvers, to believe and respect themselves and others.



Please see sponsorship package.

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 Thank you for your consideration and support.


 Frank McCaslin, Executive Director,  SPARKLE Center for Arts and Computer Literacy



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