Walking into the gallery was like entering  a virtual scientific experiment, I felt as if I was somehow being examined and exposed, the biomorphic and dynamic images are strangely familiar; whether from a visit to a lab or a disco, Kusama's art reaches into the surreal with a Zen like aura.
  The BMA also provided a more in-depth look at her art with a slide lecture by Laura Hoptman, Assistant Curator at the MOMA, NY, where in 1998,
Love Forever, a Kusama exhibit, revived interest in the artist worldwide. I appreciated this exchange of knowledge; it perpetuated the sometimes controversial yet always potent art of  Yayoi Kusama.
"The expression transcends the question of whether the art is Oriental or American. Although it is something of both, certainly of such Americans as Rothko, Still and Neumann, it is not at all a synthesis and is thoroughly independent." Donald Judd, 1959 on Kusama,( from
Love Forever exhibit.)

Gabrielle Lin
3 December 2000