Beauty gives to all, that is Her function and Her pleasure. When one encounters Beauty, one changes and this cannot be denied. Whether we accept it or not, Beauty is not a superficial adornment; She is deep, luxurious and intense, there are no secrets to be unlocked or discovered.
  In this Age of Information and Technology, we are saturated with intergalactic waterfalls of Beauty magazines, Internet sites, television programs and books; these gifts provides every woman with the necessary tools participation in the Ritual of Beauty requires. And we are grateful.
  The Ritual of Beauty reigns supreme, from ancient Egyptian roots, adherents to these rites are stronger than ever because now people finally understand that intelligence is a component of Beauty, I would say Her backbone; without intelligence, Beauty falls into Vanity and when one is vain, ugly surfaces.
  In order for all females to realize their power, it is necessary to survive the gauntlet of passage into womanhood and being a slave to the opinions some men have about women, (which should be passe by now), does not equal  womanhood. Attempting to control men is not a part of womanhood either, nor is believing one-self to be superior to another. Harnessing the Self, She, equals Womanhood. And this adds "The Radiance" to The Ritual.
   It is a private thing, must be performed alone or with close female friends and cannot be flaunted, otherwise, the hopeful participant falls into domestication and obliteration. And now, in this solitude, women have empowered themselves, by accepting these do-it-yourself gifts, we have learned we can achieve more alone. We are not easily influenced, teen-aged pop addicts; we are intelligent Women.