Alone, I found esoteric worlds; in silence, I heard the ancient Voice.  And from microscopic observation, I know that it is Truth.

   Now, release... that which has either troubled or aided you, it is time to release. We are approaching the chasm in Time, the moment when we can either remain as we are or grow. If we are aware of such needs and desires we have the intellect that allows us to positively act and without being aware of it, become a form of inspiration to others when they observe our manner of behaviour and code of ethics. We are archetypes for those who crave refinement born out of sublimity, silent messengers offering the gift of maturity.
   Many view this time as being the season of fear, ugliness and gore. It is neither. I  have never experienced any of the above during this time of the year nor will I ever expect or project it; I am born of an ancient source. I have found this is the only time when our true character can be exposed-albeit sincere- and the Spirits will listen to our benedictions or requests, assist and anchor  us according to the intent and need.
   To continuously treat Halloween as a night of mischief and play is foolish; one deprives one'sself of the knowledge offered in favor of either acknowledging a belief born out of hatred or counterattacking Halloween by staging "family-fun entertainment"/"good, safe fun" parties that are extremely misleading and corruptive to the development of a contemporary mind. Halloween should not be "counterattacked", the Great Sabbat is one of the most ancient celebrations in existence and shall always exist even when we perish, for It 's Essence is regeneration...
   There is no need to repeat what has already been explained on a balanced and respectful level by unbiased and qualified individuals from college professors to those who practice the Old Religion, via well-researched books and various groups that distribute beautiful newsletters: Halloween is the ending of the old year and beginning of the new, it is a time of remembrance, be it pleasurable or sorrowful, it is when the worlds are most easily explored and when Humans and the Spirits are one; it is when we can see more clearly into ourselves and go deeper. It is when clarity prevails...
   Which reminds me of contemporary artist Robert Stivers' photographs:
In them, "one cannot simply see one's way across these pictures; one must think and feel one's way into, around and through them all but blindly...They demand the application of a whole body consciousness, a confidence in one's own sense of balance...spun around we are thrust abruptly into this astigmatic dramaturgy, rife with hints of ancient ritual, elemental forms, animal spirits, charged objects, celebrants and mourners, births and sacrifices, rushes and pauses, gaps and proximities."-A.D. Coleman,from the introduction to
Robert Stivens, Photographs,1997

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