The Dark Age in which we are existing may seem endless but it is temporary. "The forces of ignorance are in full power and many of the subtle faculties of the soul are obscured; thus Kali Yuga, the last age in the repetitive cycle of four phases of time the universe passes the first period Satya, dharma,(14 September Tapestry), reigns supreme, but as the ages revolve, virtue diminishes and ignorance and injustice increases."(
Dancing with Siva, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami)

Virtue exists but She has been insulted and made comical not because "we have turned away from a one and only" deity, but because many have confused liberation of spirit with lack of self-control-in mind and body.  From post-modern beginnings in the late 1960's to the present in America, noone expected their sacrifices or revelries,(March 1998 Tapestry), to be wiped out and replaced with self-centered recollections or meaningless critiques,(neither of which are beneficial to the Whole), that serve no one except the pseudo-writer and scholar yet it is precisely this form of the recording of history that has overshadowed reality, which is why it is vital to remain mentally in flux, physically active and intellectually significant.

This is Shakti, our spiritual spine.

Gabrielle Lin
14 December 1998

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