Alone, I found esoteric worlds; in silence, I heard the ancient Voice.  And from microscopic observation, I know that it is Truth.

    When I was a child and teenager, returning to the place where I knew I was able to find both education and entertainment always infused me with excitement; I would pulsate with anticipation counting down the days that lead to the first day of school.  That was a place where one could apply herself to an established academic curriculum, learn the skills of mastering the basic academic building blocks of the intellect, character and desire to continue obtaining an academic education; subconsciously, a respect for the American public education system was born, one that causes a person to realize the merits our public educational system possess- after all of the criticism, attacks and disbelief, the American public education system is the most successful in the global world in that here is where the future is nurtured.
     Over the years, I have come to value my public education background, I see that I would never have developed into the woman I am,(October 5,1998
Tapestry),  nor achieved that which I have had I not been privileged enough to have attended my public/community schools.  America offers each individual the opportunity the chance to pursue happiness through continued academic learning and to lessen this gift in any form seems criminal to me, knowing of all the protests, improved conditions thanks to changes in legislation and social climates America has experienced this century.
     To be denied an academic education is something women and people of colour have fought against for decades, equal rights in education which forces equal rights in society and the workplace is something that can never be perceived as secondary-we live in a democracy.