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'Starfire 2004' Season

Sparkle Will be beginning there StarFire Season which extends from ‘Stand!2003’ Gospel Youth Production at the Boutwell Auditorium November 22nd 2003 to the ‘Starfire 2004’ Dance/Theatre Production February 22nd 2004 to the culmination with ‘Starfire' New Orleans dance production for their Spring Break Academic & Cultural tour & show the week of March 20th -27th 2004.


Sparkle Theatre Production Inc has educated k-12 students for over 25 years in the Arts and Technology from West Jefferson County to Selma to New York, New Jersey and Texas


Sparkle salutes the City Leaders of Fairfield, Al and the Magic City of Birmingham, AL who always find a way by Faith and by  ‘…walking the walk’. Sparkle gives a V.I.P. (Very Intense Performer) salute to parents and students that maintain the high standards of a culture that has at it’s roots a value system of Honor and respect for tradition and belief in God & Country.


Sparkle has enlightened the young on the fine arts by academic and cultural disciplines at the Sparkle Center for the Arts and Computer Literacy while organizing numerous Academic and Cultural tours in order to expose the students to the world at large and in person.


Sparkle has provided the educational community with a positive alternative after-school and vacation options in a time when our youth are saturated with exposure of negative influences, stereotypes and lifestyles.


Sparkle recognizes the good and bad and has engaged in a mission to provide our youth and their families with the opportunity to Stand Up and be counted as victorious in God!


The participating students of

Sparkle Theatre Production Inc for Stand!2003


Production Director – Akeela McCaslin – UAB


Associate Director – Whitney Womack –FPHS





Brittney Speech

Katherine Prince

Mercedes Montgomery

Chante’ Smith

Rachael Smith

Ashley Edwards

Deja Slaughter

Jalen Graves

Lauryn J. Bell

Aspen Brewer

Menya Simon



Aomzada McCaslin – Production Manager/Video/Sound/Lights

Joshua Prince – Stage Manager/ Sound/Video

Johnathan Wilson / Sound

Johnathan Moore

Christopher Hemmingway




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