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-  Frank & Di'an McCaslin began Sparkle on September 12, 1976. Currently the learning center works with youth and young adults focusing on computer literacy & performing arts. This has always been their passion. They help oversee the entire operation of the learning center and makes sure that the entire staff is serving the youth & young adults to the best of their ability.

Jackie Smith - Jackie Smith is a director at Sparkle Learning Center. She assists with dance productions, camp programs, learning center events, etc. She assists with putting together many of the educational trips that the learning center goes on. She speaks with the students about different mannerism behavior that will help them at the learning center and outside of the learning center.

- Akeela McCaslin is the right hand person to Frank & Di'an. She maintains each program the center offers and makes sure everything runs smoothly. She is the dance instructor and choreographer also. She has multiple staff and volunteers who assist her daily.

  - Whitney Womack is the direct assistant to Akeela. She is the assistant choreographer. She is extremely talented in dance and is a great asset to Sparkle. When she was younger she used to be a student, but now she helps teach dance students in the dance program.

- Aomzada McCaslin is not only a student but an intern as well. He works as the main assistant to Frank with the computer classes for the summer camp and after school program. He also is one of the computer repairman that we have and he repairs computers for many clients. He is also available to create websites, live video recording, digital photography, and so much more.

Tanya McCaslin - Tanya McCaslin teaches the art class to young females during the summer camp. This class is very intense and focuses on different art work throughout time. She takes the class on trips to the Birmingham Museum of Art to experience the art work first hand. She also teaches the girls etiquette lessons. The fundamentals that she teaches these girls will definitely help them become beautiful young ladies.

Laretha Reynolds - Laretha Reynolds teaches the theatre class. She teaches it from out of state. She trained two of the advance students to handle the class without her presence being needed. She conferences them in at times to discuss new lessons. The way she teaches them is superb.

Charles "C.J." - C.J. Teaches choir and mime class during summer camp. He teaches according to age. He shows the students the basic techniques needed to advance themselves in choir and mime.





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