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The Starfire PhenomenonIt's All About The PraiseIt's All About The PraiseIt's All About The PraiseIt's All About The Praise

The Starfire PhenomenonIt's All About The PraiseIt's All About The PraiseIt's All About The PraiseIt's All About The Praise


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Spring Break March 20-27, 2004


To:      Friends, Faculty, and Patrons of the Arts, Community Service & Education

From:  Staff & Students of Sparkle Theatre Productions, Inc. & First Steps Computer Program

Re:      Sponsorship of Cultural and Academic Tour to New Orleans, Louisiana


Taking the 'First Step in any endeavor is always a very integral part of 'the plan', we salute you for taking it, by taking the time to read this request for your tax deductible contribution that will offset the cost of $18,500 to help sponsor 25 students on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana for a eight days and seven nights academic, cultural performing tour scheduled for March 20-27, 2004.

Last year Sparkle Dance Company was selected to perform at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park on the Tomorrow Land Stage in Orlando, Florida. That performance was an unforgettable experience. The most exciting and rewarding thing about this year tour is that Sparkle Dance Company has been selected to perform at yje Grand Opening of Six Flags New Orleans. This unique opportunity to perform for the world is sure to be another experience that Sparkle Performer will remember forever.

We need your help to make this dream come true for these 25 young people who have work so hard for this opportunity. Please be aware that Sparkle is a non-profit organization, which means that your sponsorship is tax deductible. Our 501(c)(3) information is available upon request. With your monetary support you are making an investment back into the community and giving a positive statement that you care about what happens to the future of our youth. As a sponsor you will also receive recognition on our web site and be listed on our 'Wall of Honor' as a sponsor for Sparkle’s 2004 Tour. Please see enclosed sponsorship page for more details.

Sparkle's performance base programs utilize motivational techniques as well as hands-on learning experiences for the students. All of our students can attest to what happens if someone gives them the opportunity to do something positive. They exceed expectations because someone cares and places a positive value on what they can take pride in.

Thank you, for taking the time and the 'First Step' toward cultivating positive self esteem in our youth and recognizing the need for public support of the Arts and Computer Literacy in our communities.


Positive Perspectives, Always

Frank McCaslin, Director





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