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The performing arts fills a void in that it offers great opportunity for students to deepen curiosity and encourage further exploration and personal growth. BTG pages will offer ideas as to how you can be a part, truly a partner, in the shaping, developing and encouragement of this type of community service program through your gifts and support of Sparkle. There are as many different ways to support Sparkle as there are needs for your support. btg stories share some of the different ways people can become partners with us in providing quality after school programs and quality performing arts productions. Take a moment to see how people have found the means to offer support and in turn enriched their lives and their hearts in ways they never imagined.


Bridging The Gap was designed for dual roles. One is to act as a catalyst to encourage and expose the performing arts talents of the youth of Jefferson county. We recognize there are many talented youth in the area. Unfortunately there have not been many opportunities that allow them to showcasing of that talent. This event has been design to do just that. This event is unique in that, it places both traditional and non-traditional forms of religion expression in an accessible atmosphere. This event will allow youth in the West Jefferson County Area to cultivate relationships with and be encouraged by each other as they come together for a common goal. Not to mention, this event is held on the brink of a vast religion season.




BTGBridging The Gap

BTGBridging The Gap

BTGBridging The Gap






The second purpose for Bridging The Gap 2005 is to educate our youth in the area of good health, the importance of education, learning and obeying the word of God. Production proceeds will go to Sparkle Center for the Arts & Computer Literacy.

Bridging The Gap 2005 at Boutwell Auditorium  February 2005*** Support the Arts, Community Service & Education ***

There are specific needs we are currently working on at Sparkle. We will be prioritizing them and presenting them shortly. For more details, visit our wish list where we will discuss our needs in greater detail.


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