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Date:  October 9th 2009

To:      Potential Supporters/Sponsors

From: Sparkle Theatre Productions, Inc.

Ref:    Sparkle's Annual Youth Programs & Projects


 Dear Sir or Madam:

    The Sparkle Theatre Productions, Inc. a 501 c (3) community base organization requests your support for our Performing Arts and Computer Literacy Projects.  Please see the attached proposal.

    You are invited to visit our Center at any time to see what we are doing or check out our web site.  Please call if you have any questions or need additional in formation. 

    Thank you for your consideration and support.



 Frank McCaslin, Director, Sparkle Theatre Productions, Inc.


 The SPARKLE Center for Arts and Computer Literacy after school programs is designed to support the under-privilege youths in learning and development.  More and more youths are becoming lost due to a lack of supervision, teaching of moral values, and self-confident.  The economy dictates the need for both parents to work, which detracts from family unity and devotion.

 The younger generation is starving for direction and attention.  The SPARKLE Center for Arts and Computer Literacy after school programs development plan builds the inner strength and character of individuals.  Our Rap Sessions allows the youths to express themselves.  Our First Step Computer Literacy Program develops technical skills, logic, self-discipline, and increase thinking abilities, problem solving and work skills.  Our Arts, Dance and Theatre Programs builds the individual self-confident, self worth and value. Our Computer Repair/Tech Program helps teach students skills in repairing, upgrading and building computers preparing them for jobs.

 The SPARKLE Center for Arts and Computer Literacy realizes the need for after school and performing art programs for all youths.  By offering youths the opportunities to spend their time doing fun and productive things, presents an alternative to peer pressure, loitering, television, and other unproductive addictions. Youths that attend SPARKLE after school programs develop a sense of direction and knowledge power to compete with confident in today society.

 The SPARKLE Company has accepted the challenge to support and develop our youths.  SPARKLE is an outreach Company to all youths struggling to do well in school; to be a better person; to make the right decisions; to think of other options and the consequences of bad decisions as well as good decisions.  SPARKLE listens and hears what our youths have to say about their day to day struggles.

 The SPARKLE Center for Arts and Computer Literacy request your support in our vision to be a Center for all youths regardless of their financial status.  Our youths are demanding attention and are crying out for help.  It is shown through many negative actions that we sometimes do not understand.  Some goals of The SPARKLE Center are to develop character; give a sense of direction, develop the ability to make decisions; and the ability to communicate.  We are asking you to give your support by sponsoring a student(s) in the three programs listed below. Through your financial assistant we can offer more youth the opportunity to enhance their academy side and at the same time develop the creativity side of their brain, therefore helping them to become a productive part of our communities.

 The Center is an Education Resource and Performing Art Center equipped with, a study and home work area with a large selection of reading and reference materials, a dance studio, an exercising weight room, an area for lecturer and music, a computer lab and repair work area, and a Software Library filled with a variety of software enrichment ranging from kindergarten through adulthood.

 Total cost to sponsor a child is outline below. This price includes the cost of supplies, materials, snacks, after school pick-up and field trips.


Cost per student:

After School Program and Holiday camp.

Tutoring / Computer Literacy

  • Registration Fee - $25.00

  • Monday - Friday from 3:00 - 5:30pm

  • One month $125.00

  • Three months $375.00

  • Six months $750.00

  • Nine & ½ month $1,187.50

  • Two weeks Holiday Mini Camp $150.00

  • Field trips $75.00

Nine & ½ months After School Program, field trips and Holiday Mini Camp $1,437.50


Sparkle Dance Program

Year round - meet twice a week from 5:45 - 8:00pm.

$720.00 per person

 Annual Tour

Sparkle Annual Performing Arts, Cultural and Academy Spring Break Tour

8 days & 7 nights (spring break of each year).

$650.00 per student

 Summer Camp

Sparkle Computer Literacy and Performing Art Summer Camp Program (ten weeks).

June – the first week of August, Monday - Friday 7:15am - 5:30pm.

 (registration, camp, field trips and award program fees included)

$800.00 per student

 Total cost for one person per year: All three programs & Spring Break Tour $3,507.50


Sponsors’ help last year made it possible for five of our students to have a dream come true and perform for The Atlanta City Council and received The President's Award. We have 7 students in need of full sponsorships and we know economic times are very difficult for everyone this year but we are in the business of hope, our spring break this year begins March 14th and we’re going to Disney World for an historical and unprecedented 6 time. Our financial need is for the Spring Break Academic & Cultural tour 2010 for 15 students.  We know that if you can, you will … again thank you so much for all that you’ve done and stay Blessed and stay strong.


 Frank McCaslin, Director, Sparkle Theatre Productions, Inc.







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