Year after year we continue to offer children, ages 5 - 17,

supplemental instruction in computers, reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, phonics, dance, arts and related areas. The positive encouragement of our staff and certified teachers combined with individualized instruction based on our diagnostic testing, is what we believe sets us apart and continues to make our program a success. Certain skills, attitudes, and behaviors characterize successful learners. Helping your children learn these skills can, in turn, help them do better. Not all children can be Einsteins or Picassos--or even straight-A students, but many children can do better with a little help.

Sparkle Center for the Arts & 
Computer Literacy

For someone who has dedicated themselves to the city and attempted to serve a broad clientele, Business by its very nature must, of course, be pragmatic. There are always bottom lines that must be met and Creditors that must be paid. But sometimes itís necessary to step back and consider what it means to have local business owners who are truly committed to their community.