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Sparklesí Performing Arts Program gives participants an outlet to express their creativeness and exercise the creative side of their brains.

Not only does Sparkle Performing Arts Program encourage children to dance and act, it also promotes self-discipline, boost confidence, and helps participants develop coordination, expand their sense of rhythm, music, expression

and improve health and fitness. The boys especially enjoy participating in drama classes and learning about whatís all in involved in putting on a production.

They learn about stage set-up, sound, lighting, props, videotaping, audio and special effects.


Students really enjoy participating and being a part of our performing arts programs. It gives them opportunities to perform at all different types of venues and events and in front of their peers.

This is a great confidence builder and provides them with opportunities to develop leadership skills, self-confidence and social relationships in a creative atmosphere.


At Sparklesí First Steps, we believe in the social benefits of being well rounded and having a vast array of experiences. We want the children in our neighborhoods to gain the best education possible and have a multitude of opportunities despite economic restraints. We advocate that by providing exposure to the cultural and performing arts and access to technology we are improving learning ability and provide many opportunities for students to think creatively, enabling them to develop and refine problem-solving skills and improve self-assurance.

We aim to make sure these options are available and accessible with your support.

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